The roof of your home is more than just a protection against rainfall and snow. It's also an opportunity to improve energy efficiency in the home. In fact, there are many ways that your roof can help or hinder your house's ability to retain heated and cooled air. Even taking care of a few roof repairs can potentially help with efficiency. 

If you're dealing with a leaky roof in the Atlanta Metro Area, you may also have air drafts through the same areas where you have roof leaks. Water penetration into the home also impacts comfort as rooms where water is leaking into the home can feel damp or musty. So, you can see how just taking care of those pesky maintenance requirements would have an impact!

Ways a Roof Update Can Affect Your Home's Efficiency

There are other ways that roofing can impact a home's energy efficiency too. If you are looking to improve your comfort or just reduce your reliance on the HVAC system, consider updating your roofing with these energy efficient improvements:

  • Request a Roof Inspection and Damage Report: A roof inspection is a cheap and often free way to see if there are any problems with your property. You can even request a free estimate for roofing costs from the roofing company who performs the inspection.
  • Install a Cool Roof: These roof replacements are designed to reflect sunlight away so that your home absorbs less heat energy. Many roofing companies offer different kinds of cool roofing. For instance, the Owens CorningĀ® Cool Roof Collection features asphalt roof shingles that are coated with solar reflecting granules. These granules reflect some of the heat away from the roof so that the house stays more comfortable throughout the day. 
  • Install Attic Insulation: This may not be a roofing update, but the attic is just underneath the roof. Attic insulation can help stabilize your home's temperature by preventing heat loss through the roof. It also reduces exterior noise such as heavy rainfall and wind sounds.
  • Choose Metal Shingles: It may seem counterintuitive at first thought, but metal roofing helps keep homes cool too. Metal roof shingles are highly reflective, especially lighter colored panels. They reflect UV rays (and their heat energy) away from the home easily.

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