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At Regal Roofing we constantly strive to provide outstanding roofing services. That is why we are so thrilled to have been nominated by the Georgia Business Journal as one of the best Roofing Companies in Georgia. Help support our team vote for Regal Roofing here. You can vote once per day until Oct...

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We are honored to announce that Regal was voted Best Of for Charlotte roofing companies! reviewed our reputation and professionalism by reading customer reviews across multiple review platforms and sent in a undercover client to review our customer service. We were ranked based on a li...

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Flashing is one of the most important steps of roofing for an Atlanta roofing company. It can be defined as a rubber or metal barrier, the task of which is to protect the seams around roof elements or between adjoining roof surfaces. Its mission is to channel water off the roof seams. Thus, it...

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"Soffit" (origin: suffixes) is derived from Latin language and literally means ‘to fix underneath'. However, if you are an Atlanta roofing company or are in architectural field, the term is usually referred to "the material that bridges the space between the siding on a house and the roofl...

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Properly ventilating a home is arguably the single most important factor when discussing the integrity of a roofing system. Unfortunately, this is an area where few homeowners pay much attention and as a result many of the homes in America are either over or under ventilated. The complications that...

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The typical lifespan of a roofing system is 20-25 years. Many different factors determine the lifespan of a roofing system such as installation, weather patterns and the quality of shingle product. A properly maintained roof can come to the end of its life without any major issues. These roofs will...

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A building’s roof offers the first line of defense against the components while design affects the general appearance. Notably, there are various functional as well as aesthetic concerns that should be evaluated when considering a new roof or roof alteration. Any Atlanta Roofer would agree...

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Squirrel Problems and Drip Edge, I bet you are wondering what these two things have in common? Unless you are in the home improvement or pest control industry you may not know what Drip Edge is. Drip Edge also known as Drip Metal or Drip Cap is generally a 1-2×3 inch roof flashing metal that bends a...

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Having an effective ventilation system in your home is extremely important, particularly in areas where the weather is hot and humid. This is because in the absence of adequate ventilation, houses are in danger of suffering extensive and expensive damage due to the moisture and heat that remains tra...

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What is Algae? Algae is a black or green thin coating, or the streaking, you see most commonly on asphalt or wood roofs. Algae is airborne and predominantly seen in warmer, more humid environments such as the South Eastern Regions. Algae is more severe in shaded, damp and cool areas. Algae holds the...

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