Flashing is one of the most important steps of roofing for an Atlanta roofing company. It can be defined as a rubber or metal barrier, the task of which is to protect the seams around roof elements or between adjoining roof surfaces. Its mission is to channel water off the roof seams. Thus, it is possible to say that flashing is one of the most critical elements of roofs that helps to keep their structure watertight. There are two types of flashing – concealed and exposed. They differ in their methods of application and the type of material that is used. Thus, with regards to concealed flashing, its primary characteristic is that it is invisible on the interior or the exterior of the building. Usually for this type of flashing, such materials as plastic, fabric, thin metal sheet or foil, or combination of several different materials are used. The choice of material usually depends on what recommendations your roofing company makes in consideration of the structural requirements and the climate in which the house is being built. In terms of exposed flashing, its key characteristic and disadvantage at the same time is that it affects the design of the building.

Since the task of flashing is to provide protection to the most vulnerable parts of the roof, any damage and defect of it must be considered seriously. If happens so that flashing is bent upward or cracks, there is a risk that the moisture will get inside the seams of the roof. As a result, this might cause a very serious problem, especially during the period of heavy rains and thunderstorms, much of which any Atlanta roofing company has experience with. Many roofing materials are very sensitive to ongoing moisture and can easily deteriorate. The damage initiated by moisture is very serious because it is able to create damage far away from the starting point. Therefore, if you suspect their is damage of flashing, it usually requires the full inspection in order to identify the exact origin of the leak. There are several problems that might lead to damaged flashing, and below each of them will be briefly described. The first and the one of the most common reasons is poor installation. If the installation of flashing is carried out by inexperienced specialists, it will sooner or later lead to leaks. Therefore, in order to prevent it, it is recommended not to do flashing installation by yourself, but rather to hire an Atlanta roofing company professional. As well as installation, the repair of flashing must be also done professionally with such right components and tools as laps, sealant and nails. For this reason, help of an Atlanta roofing company professional in repair is also required. The third reason that should be taken into consideration is a human error. There are many cases when people while doing flashing installation step the wrong way, which leads to cracks and dents. Finally, the damage of flashing can happen because of the age of flashing. If it is too old, it should be replaced, otherwise it can cause serious widespread issues that will be difficult, if not impossible, to fix.

If it is noticed that flashing is damaged, the best way to fix the problem is to call an Atlanta roofing company professional. However, there are many cases when flashing is damaged accidently and there is a need to fix it by yourself, at least temporarily. In order to do it, the first step that must be carried out is identification of a corroded are on the roof. When the damaged part of flashing is found, you need to patch it by placing a new piece of material over the damaged area. In order to attach a new piece of flashing, it is better to use nails, because then it will be easier for a roofer to remove the piece and fix the damage with fresh materials. If the damage is minor, in most cases it is easy to fix it with asphalt cement. However, even if the damage seems to be very little, before fixing it it is necessary to make sure that there is no corrosion or mold. The last thing that should be remembered if you have decided to fix damaged flashing by yourself is that working on roof is quite a dangerous activity, thus it is not recommended to try fix a problem by yourself if you have never done it before. It should be remembered that it is always safer and more practical to hire a professional Atlanta roofing company.