"Soffit" (origin: suffixes) is derived from Latin language and literally means ‘to fix underneath'. However, if you are an Atlanta roofing company or are in architectural field, the term is usually referred to "the material that bridges the space between the siding on a house and the roofline". While soffits are primarily used around the main roof of a building, they can also be used under any structure with a noticeable ceiling including stairs flight, porches, columns, etc. They can be manufactured using a number of materials such as wood, vinyl, steel, fiber cement, and aluminum.

It needs to be mentioned here that the soffit is one of the most unnoticed, often ignored, components of the frontage of a home. Soffits are helpful in finishing of the overhangs, porch roofs, and eaves. However, simple soffits (mostly made of vinyl or solid wood) do not help in home-ventilation. This purpose is served when specifically-designed ventilated soffits are installed in the roofs. However, it is required that the design of the ventilated soffits is apt enough to support the whole structure. This would not only give an Atlanta roofing company and it's customers roofs the desired durability but also a sophisticated style.

An excellent roof and soffit system has ventilation as the most significant characteristic. The provision of proper ventilation enables the working of a great mechanism for heat removal during summers and moisture minimization during winters. Roofs with no ventilated soffits naturally start to transfer heat into the rooms. This is especially observable during the hot days and any Atlanta roofing company will tell you, as a consequence, energy bills increase. Also, roofs may also deteriorate due to the constant passage of hot air. Similarly, the maintenance of moderate temperatures during winters is made possible with the installation of ventilated soffits in the roof . The tiny perforations in ventilated soffits facilitate the passage of air in and out of the roofs. The air flow becomes better when these ventilated soffits work in combination with fan(s). The best thing is that the entire process is noiseless and discreet so that people do not have to experience venting visions and sounds. Thus, it needs to be remembered that as an Atlanta roofing company having ventilated soffits in the roofs of homes is extremely important. They not only let the air flow constant but also give style to the home if carefully matched with the roofing and color tone.

For all the above-mentioned reasons, the investment in the installation of ventilated soffits becomes critical. Nevertheless, the material of the soffits must be carefully selected by the Atlanta roofing company and their customers so that it can support the house well. For instance, a wood soffit is usually discouraged as it may start to rot or warp with the passage of time ultimately requiring continuous painting, replacement, and scraping. When a good investment is made on aluminum, vinyl, or fiber cement ventilated soffits, one can easily get away with the payment of mounting energy bills, excessive heat, and molds and moisture. In addition, aluminum and vinyl soffits are also inexpensive as compared to other alternatives and installing them is extremely convenient due to their less weights. To cut a long story short, ventilated soffits allow buildings to have a healthy breathing system. The great thing is that houses and buildings could be protected from corrosive weather elements with the help of soffits. In fact, ventilated soffits are considered as the most simple and the easiest means for roof-frame protection and air-circulation achievement.