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All elements of a roofing structure of a house have to do with keeping the house dry and comfortable. An Atlanta roofing company has a responsibility to the client to deliver a complete house that is ready for accommodation.

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The building industry is dynamic and, as an Atlanta roofing company, we know that with each day new innovations come up that make work easier and result in efficiency, cost effectiveness, and improve on durability.

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With the world feeling obsessed with ever-debilitating environmental concerns, skylights are enhancing their popularity by imparting a clean and 'green' option to the households.

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For roofing systems that were not installed with the proper overhang into the gutter system, you can install drip edge under the first layer of roofing shingles, extend into the gutter system and seal the top edge of the drip edge with cement.

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STEEP SLOPE ROOF VENTILATION The need for ventilation in roofs and attics became apparent after it was observed that moisture inside attics, caused by the phenomenon of condensation, was deteriorating a large portion of the roofing materials and in extreme cases the insulation of the ceiling.

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The roof deck or sheathing is a layer that is installed between the trusses & joists and underlayment layer in a typical roof install. The roof decking acts as a unifying structure by tying the trusses & joists together.

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Looking at some interesting information from another roofing company, I recently came across a statistic that made me sick to my stomach. When filing a homeowner’s insurance claim, “92% of homeowners accept the first offer” that they get from the insurance company. This is amazing to me.

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That’s not a clickbait title, I’m serious. I’m too old to write clickbait. We all put things off from time to time. Some of us are disciplined enough to jump right on a task, but even those people sometimes need to do some research.

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Whether it’s Obamacare, car accident, or property insurance claim, the “d” word gets treated like something we aren’t allowed to say in Kindergarten.

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I get that call once every week, sometimes more. “Hi, my neighbor said you could help me. I’m trying to sell my house…” And I could finish the rest of the conversation on my own, I’ve heard this happen enough times.

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